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Flatline_ Flatline_

Rated 3 / 5 stars

intro is great, not bassy as you hype it up to be in my opinion..>
i also think the song should come to a point where its the peak, and then it drops to that heartbeat sound. to play with your listeners ears.

trunotfals responds:

Thank you I'll take that into consideration! The song is also not finished. I wasn't trying to hype the bass. The reason I said bass required is unfortunately this songs requires that you have a bassy system or bassy headphones. Otherwise, the only bass in the begginning is a sub, which you cannot even hear if you don't have bassy headphones or a subwoofer. I'm working on fixing it without ruining the effect that I like. Thanks for the feedback!

Monster With-In Monster With-In

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Your transitions need work.
mixing isnt all that great either.
just a bunch of loud generic synths and a bunch of generic growls. Change it up.

RoboKillProductions responds:

Thanks for the advice. I have been trying to find good mixing tutorials out there but had no luck so far. This was already a nightmare to mix due to the growls killing all the others sounds such as the drums. Even with EQing and Sidechianing its still pretty op. I will work on this stuff as time goes on.

R.O - Educator R.O - Educator

Rated 4 / 5 stars

hi, lol.

this is so grimy. that swamp noise is nasty. i like the bounce to the track yo.

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GamerCropy responds:

Lel, hi xd